With over 150 artists and 75,000 patrons annually, Shakespeare and Company in Lenox is known for its extensive actor training and theatre-in-education programs. The theatre company embodies the Elizabethan ideals of poetic language, visceral experience, and the mysteries of the universe, as well as inquiry, balance, and harmony. All performances are based around these core principles.

Three Theatres

With three theatres, there are a variety of venue spaces to enjoy. The Tina Packer Playhouse is inspired by Shakespeare’s theatres, where every member of the audience was close to the action. The scaffold-and-canvas theatre, newly configured in-the-round, has two levels and audience members on all sides. The Elayne P. Bernstein Theater lobby, cafe, and outdoor terrace is designed as an open gallery space, with four different seating configurations available for stage presentations. Then, the tented outdoor Rose Footprint Theatre is a reconstruction of the first level of the Rose Playhouse, which was Shakespeare’s first London theatre.  

Actor Training

A focal point of Shakespeare and Company in Lenox is the professional actor training program, which is centered around performing Shakespeare specifically. The curriculum is internationally recognized and propels actors to a higher level of vocabulary, talent, and intuition. As a center for actor training, the performances that the theatre company produces are at the top tier of the industry, with professional performers learning an unmatched foundation of Shakespeare and building upon that for each performance.

Renowned Performances

Actor training is just a part of the preparation for the performances hosted by Shakespeare and Company in Lenox. Since its founding in 1978, Shakespeare and Company in Lenox has been established as a foremost repertory theatre company in the country, with previous Shakespeare performances such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet, and 2016 upcoming shows like The Merchant of Venice (July 1- Aug. 21), Twelfth Night (July 14- Aug. 20), and The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Aug. 4- Sept. 4). Plays not written by Shakespeare are also included in the history and line-up.

Eat While You Watch

Shakespeare and Company in Lenox offers light fare, including cookies, snacks, and refreshments, at concession stands for purchase before and after shows. There is also a sprawling outdoor veranda space outside the Tina Packer Playhouse with picnic tables for eating. You can bring your own picnic or grab a snack and drink from the bar! Just outside the Elayne P. Bernstein Theater are umbrella-shaded tables, while Mike’s Place is steps away with snacks and treats.

Shakespeare and Company in Lenox Store

The online store includes clothing, hats, and other souvenirs with the company logo and relevant designs. Among other trinkets and treats, you can pick up Much Ado About Nothing sticky notes, ShakeSpearmints, a Shakespeare coloring book. These gifts are great for your literary friends back home or to keep for yourself (and chuckle at whenever you feel like it). Follow up a top-notch play with a way to remember it!

After Enjoying the Arts and Culture

Experience the arts and culture that Lenox has to offer, including Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, during your stay at Brook Farm! Just a short walk from the center of Lenox and less than a mile from Tanglewood, the inn is within easy reach of the arts and entertainment that the area has to offer. With delicious food, massages, cozy fireplaces, and sweeping gardens, this beautiful retreat will draw you in and make you want to stay!