Come To Our Berkshires B&B For A Wedding Vow Weekend!You’re engaged to be married and now you need to write your vows – but what to say? Don’t fret: Brook Farm’s Wedding Vow Weekend is the answer you’ve been looking for!

We’re huge advocates of writing your own wedding vows. They are the most meaningful part of your wedding day, after all. We spend so much time fretting over the littler aspects of the ceremony: the reception, the colors, the centerpieces, the cake. 20 years from now, what will matter more – the way the cake looked, or the words you spoke to one another from your hearts?

The wedding-day memories you’ll cherish most will be of standing up in front of everyone, looking your partner in the eyes, and committing to a lifetime with them through your vows. The rest of the ceremony – the decorations, the food, the clothes – are really just dressing for the wedding vows. (more…)