Why You’ll Love October Mountain in the Fall

What more fitting place for an autumnal hike than October Mountain? This beautiful feature in the central Berkshires offers a gorgeous state forest full of fall foliage during the autumn season. Glowing red, burning orange, and golden yellow hues light up the entire mountain range in a glorious display that will leave you short of breath. Here are just a few things you should know about October Mountain, including some great activities you can enjoy during the fall.

October Mountain History

The name for October Mountain is, in fact, attributed to American author and poet Herman Melville. In his Pittsfield home, Melville could view the stunning hills in the distance, and the scenery during the fall particularly impressed him. He first mentioned October Mountain briefly in a short story from 1853, titled “Cock-a-doodle-doo.” Later, he wrote another short story called “October Mountain,” in which the official name originated. The land itself once belonged to the estate of William C. Whitney, who was President Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of the Navy. It was purchased in 1915 by a group of individuals and donated to the state for preservation purposes. It was also the harboring grounds for Gideon Smith during the Revolutionary War. Smith was discovered to be harboring a British prisoner-of-war. He hid in a gorge until the end of the war that was later called Tory Cave

Is October Mountain Haunted?

There are some folklore and ghost tales surrounding October Mountain. Whether this stems from its Halloween-centric name or the apparently haunted 19th-century cemetery among the trees, it is not certain. At this cemetery, visitors have been said to hear strange humming sounds and see a ghoulish girl in a white dress among the tombstones. The girl is thought to be Anna Pease, who died in 1829 at the age of 10 and is the only female child buried in the graveyard.

However, more than ghosts are said to haunt October Mountain. In 1983, two Pittsfield men were enjoying a picnic near an old boy scout camp site on Felton Lake when they saw a bizarre creature in the woods. It was described as brown, six to seven feet tall, and featuring glowing eyes. A similar sighting was later reported in 1989 when a hiker saw something large move among the trees about 100 yards away. He claimed to have seen the same type of creature covered in fur with a human face and very long arms and grubbing for roots and insects.

U.F.O.s have even made the list of bizarre sightings on October Mountain. In 1970, a boy scout saw two strange lights hovering in the sky. He claimed that they seemed to be checking a particular spot in the forest over and over again. After five minutes, they supposedly launched vertically into the sky at an extremely high speed. These mysteries are a part of the lure to October Mountain and part of its history.

October Mountain Hiking

The 16,500-acre expanse makes October Mountain the largest state forest in the state of Massachusetts.There are opportunities for camping, hiking, and more among the glorious forested expanse. An October Mountain State Forest trail map reveals a variety of paved and unpaved paths. There are also snowshoe and skiing trails available, as well as trails for multi-use, including snowmobiles. Some are even plowed in the winter time to make them more accessible. The Appalachian Trail also runs through the October Mountain State Forest and is available for foot travel only.

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What You Need to Know About Hiking and Exploring Lenox Mountain

When exploring the beautiful Berkshires during your stay at Brook Farm Inn, don’t leave out Lenox Mountain. Located in the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Lenox Mountain rises along the horizon at 2,126 feet. The majestic mountain offers some truly stunning panoramic views as well as a variety of hiking trails for your forest escapades. Enjoy the changing leaves in the autumn or the chirping birds in the springtime as you make your way to the peak. There are plenty of natural features and unique plantlife and wildlife to keep things interesting on your adventure. There are also a variety of hikes based on your level. You can opt for an easy loop or a more strenuous vertical session to the summit. Here are just a few things you will experience during your expeditions on Lenox Mountain.

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About Lenox Mountain

The wildflowers are in bloom. The serene clouds float overhead, soaring in between green leaves and tree branches as you look skyward. You look down to the dirt path below, dusted with small rocks, fallen leaves, and new undergrowth peeking out of the soil. You’re ready to hike Lenox Mountain!

Hiking Lenox Mountain

The Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers seven miles of walking trails as well as three favorite loops to explore. The Yokun/Beaver Lodge Trails Loop begins at an easy 1.5-mile walk that will take you just about an hour to complete. You will get some great views of the northern beaver ponds and some views of the Lenox Mountain ridge. This trail is ideal for birding. However, if you’re looking to get your feet on the mountain itself, you will have to take a bit more of a strenuous hike. A 3-mile round trip trail ascends Lenox Mountain in an 850-foot vertical climb. This two-hour trail is the Ledges/Overbrook Loop. It could be a challenge, but the panoramic views from the peak ofthe mountain are worth the tired muscles. Enjoy a vista of Mount Greylock to the north, the Taconic Range to the west, and the Catskill Mountains to the southwest. There are some steep slopes on this trail that deserve caution. For example, the Ledges Trail should only be hiked up and not down because of the slippery slope.

Other Activities on Lenox Mountain

Lenox Mountain isn’t just a great space for hiking. It is also ideal for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. The main trafficked loop around Lenox Mountain is accessible from April until October, while other areas are open during the winter months. Bartlett’s Apple Orchard is another great place to visit on Lenox Mountain. With 52 acres of orchards that produce about 20,000 bushels, you can pick a snack for the trails or enjoy some delicious fresh apple cider and baked goods.

Stay at Brook Farm Inn

After your Lenox Mountain adventures, come back to Brook Farm Inn for a relaxing getaway. You can enjoy our massage services after a long day of hiking or other strenuous outdoor activities. After a rejuvenating experience, settle down in your comfortable accommodations for the evening. Then, wake up in the morning to a delicious complimentary breakfast to start your day off right. For more places to explore in Lenox, MA, download our free vacation guide. We hope to see you soon!

How to Find the Best Places for Wine Tasting in MA

Waiter serving wineWhen visiting Brook Farm Inn in Lenox, be sure to enjoy all the wonderful activities and attractions in the area. There are many outdoor adventures, from a Berkshires hike to a summer zip line or wintry slope escapade at the Bousquet Ski Area. If you’re looking for a more mellow way to enjoy your vacation, try an experience for your taste buds. Wine tasting in MA is a favorite way to spend time, with so many beautiful vineyards and delicious pairings awaiting. Here are just a few places to go wine tasting in MA!

Furnace Brook Winery

Furnace Brook Winery at Hilltop Orchards has a rich history, boasting a 200-year-old historic property in the Berkshires. The winery and orchard combination features both a tasting space and surrounding fields for apple picking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and more! It is also just 15 minutes away from Brook Farm Inn. Enjoy beautiful hilltop views and don’t forget to try the famous cider donuts along with your glass of wine. Some of the wines you can indulge in at this space for wine tasting in MA include Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, White Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Sparkling Moscato. You can also enjoy French-style cider, apple ice wine, and Johnny Mash made straight from the orchards! You can taste any of the wines for free and add an additional 5 tastings for just $5!

Amherst Farm Winery

At this destination for wine tasting in MA, you will find a tasting room set in a 19th-century post and beam barn. The charm of this old dairy barn is balanced with the surrounding modern, state-of-the-art winery. Tastings are available from Friday through Monday at 12-5pm. Receive a choice of 6 of 19 vintages and a logo glass for just $8. Some award-winning flavors at the Amherst Farm Winery include apple, blueberry, peach, pear, and raspberry. Yum!

Hardwick Vineyard and Winery

The Hardwick Vineyard and Winery is on a quiet country road near the Quabbin Reservoir. The Giles E. Warner mansion on the property was constructed in 1795 and was authentically restored by the Samek Family. Their dream of starting a vineyard and winery took action in 1997, with the purchase of the house and surrounding 150 acres of land. The main part of the house has no electricity or plumbing, maintaining its original state. However, a modern section has been added using old-fashioned techniques. Today, the grand mansion is surrounded by six varieties of French hybrid grapes, which produce around 3,500 gallons of wine each year. Try the bestselling Massetts Cranberry during your visit!

After Wine Tasting in MA

After wine tasting in MA, settle back in at Brook Farm Inn for a cozy retreat. Snuggle up in your comfortable bed next to the fireplace and enjoy a wonderful evening. Our subdued floral decor and antique charm will delight visitors, and our morning breakfast is served each day! Enjoy amenities such as massage services and explore more of the Berkshires and Massachusetts during your vacation stay. For more fun date ideas and local activities, download our free vacation guide!

Why You Need to Check Out the Frelinghuysen Morris House

The Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio features a collection of American and European Cubist Art on a 46-acre estate in Lenox, MA. It is a wonderful artistic destination during your stay at local bed and breakfast, Brook Farm Inn. Offering frescoes, sculpture, paintings, and more, the Frelinghuysen Morris House is a cultural gem in the Berkshires. Explore a unique style of art while admiring the historic grounds. Here are just a few reasons that you should check out the Frelinghuysen Morris House during your vacation!

Frelinghuysen Morris House History

The history of the Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio lies with George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen. These two abstract artists since the late 1930s were an edgy couple in both the national and international art scene. They were collectors and intellectuals, creating a Berkshire home to reflect their personal aesthetic. The Frelinghuysen Morris House is a piece of their world, preserved as it was when they created it. Morris was influenced by the white stucco of Paris, while Frelinghuysen was influenced by the indigenous buildings of Arizona and New Mexico. Together, with both inspirations and a Modern take, they created an estate that served as home and studio. The Frelinghuysen Morris House used marble and leather flooring, and Morris created the frescoes in the living room while Frelinghuysen constructed her designs in the dining room. Modern furniture completed the aesthetic with a balance of art, architecture, and design.

Visiting the Frelinghuysen Morris House

The Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio opened for visitation in 1998, a decade after Frelinghuysen’s death. The original furnishings and artwork don the space, along with some works of colleagues and contemporaries. These include Picasso, Braque, Leger, and Gris. Early 20th-century art survives and thrives in this unique estate. Visitors can schedule a tour throughout the year. Admission is $15 for adults, $14 for seniors, and $7.50 for grounds only or students with a valid ID. The surrounding 10-minute woodland walk to the house and studio is quite lovely and a piece of art in itself. The house and studio is open at different times throughout the year, which you can discover on the website.

The Berkshires and Brook Farm Inn

After you are finished browsing the artwork and touring the grounds at the Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio, continue your Lenox explorations. There is so much to do in the Berkshires, such as go apple picking, zip lining, or hiking! There are a variety of exciting and fun outdoor activities that will keep your adventurous heart happy. There are also restaurants and shops to enjoy as well. Indulge in that delicious vacation dinner and find the perfect souvenir to bring back home to remember your trip. Then, once your day of fun is over, settle in at Brook Farm Inn for a great night’s sleep. Wake up to a delicious breakfast, spa amenities, and more! Download our free vacation guide for additional ideas on what to do in the area.


What There is to Do at Undermountain Farm

jockey riding boot, horses saddle and stirrupIf you’re looking for a true mountain adventure in the Berkshires, then take a visit to Undermountain Farm. This year-round horseback riding center offers lessons and excursions, specializing in young adults and beginners for equestrian purposes. Whether you choose the indoor arena or the surrounding fields and woods, there is an expedition awaiting in the beautiful Berkshires via saddleback. During your stay at Brook Farm Inn, we hope you explore all your opportunities for adventure and make some lasting memories! You can see the out of doors from a whole new perspective on top of your chosen steed. And, don’t worry, you will have a guide to lead you along the trails and make sure you stay on your saddle. Here are just a few reasons why you should spend your day at Undermountain Farm!

Trail Riding with Undermountain Farm

Undermountain Farm boasts a variety of terrains and trails. The surrounding landscape is mountainous and lush, offering a great scenic escapade! One of the company instructors will guide visitors out on a trail. First time riders are gladly welcomed, and Undermountain Farm offers one-hour trails for beginners that will explore the property through the fields and woods. There are other options for more advanced riders, but the farm provides a horse and a saddle and all the necessary gear for your horseback riding outing. The cost is $60 per person for an hour, and the age limit is 12 and up.

Riding Lessons at Undermountain Farm

Though it may not be an ideal option for your vacation stay, Undermountain Farm also offers riding lessons. They offer a variety of packages, so if you are there for an extended stay, you can participate in weekly lessons. You can also schedule private half-hour and hour lessons, as well as lesson cards that are available throughout an entire year for 10 rounds. The best option for a vacation stay, however, might be a trail riding excursion. Though, a lesson beforehand might not hurt either!

Other Fun Outdoor Excursions

There are plenty of other fun outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay at Brook Farm Inn. Berkshire horseback adventures at Undermountain Farm is just one of many adventures that await! Other opportunities include a visit to the Bousquet Ski Area, trip to the Furnace Brook Winery, and journey through the Lenox Farmers Market! If you want some more exploration through the forests of the Berkshires, consider hiking through the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. You will enjoy some breathtaking views and might come across some interesting wildlife in the process! Overmeade Farm is another option specifically for horseback escapades.

Stay at Brook Farm Inn

After horseback riding at Undermountain Farm or trying out one of these other outdoor activities, settle in at Brook Farm. Here, we will provide a comfortable environment for you to relax. This includes our massage services, luxurious yet charming guest rooms, and a gourmet breakfast each morning. For more information on what to see and do in the Berkshires, download our free vacation guide!

Everything You Need to Know About the South Mountain Concerts

Man playing the cello. Classical musicThe South Mountain Concerts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, are a favorite musical endeavor for locals and visitors to the Berkshires alike. This venue offers great chamber music concerts and has a rich local history. From its beginnings in the early 1900s as a performance hall to its listing on the National Register of Historic Places, this building has always supported chamber music. Indulge in a piece of the past along with some local history during your stay in the Berkshires at the Brook Farm Inn! Here is everything you need to know about the South Mountain Concert Hall and South Mountain Concerts coming up this year.

South Mountain Concert Hall History

The host of the South Mountain Concerts is the famous historic venue, South Mountain Concert Hall. This performance hall was built in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1918 by Chicago native Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. Coolidge moved to the Berkshires to improve her husband’s health and was a long-time supporter of chamber music. She was, in fact, a patron of the art, establishing the Berkshire String Quartet, which first gave concerts in her own home. Just two years later, Coolidge had a performance hall constructed on her property.

This performance hall was assembled to resemble a church, featuring a cupola on the roof, along with a porte cochere (carriage porch). The timber for the performance hall was taken from an old textile mill, and the seats were pews taken from a church. Coolidge also had cabins built for housing for the performers. Thus, the South Mountain Performance Hall became the venue for the very first South Mountain Concerts. In 1973, the hall was initiated on the National Register of Historic Places.

2016 South Mountain Concerts

The slated 2016 South Mountain Concerts will take place in September and October. These prestigious chamber music performances will feature some premier artists. The schedule includes a show on every Sunday from September 4 to October 9. The South Mountain Concerts kick off with Wu Han on piano, David Finckel on cello, and Philip Setzer on violin. This trio will be performing on September 4. The Juilliard String Quartet will then be playing on September 11. Tickets range between $35 and $40 per show. Next up will be the Dover String Quartet on September 18, followed by the Emerson String Quartet on September 25. The Johannes String Quartet and Richard Stoltzman on clarinet will finish up the South Mountain Concerts this fall on October 9.

After the South Mountain Concerts

After enjoying these exclusive South Mountain Concerts, explore the rest of the culture that the Berkshires has to offer. Indulge in a spa experience at Brook Farm Inn to relax and rejuvenate. Then, explore the area with a hiking trip or enjoy more performance art with the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. When you arrive back at Brook Farm Inn, you will experience a great night’s sleep before waking up to gourmet breakfast in the morning. We can’t wait to see you here in the beautiful Berkshires. For more to do and see in the area, download our free vacation guide!

How to Enjoy Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA, in the Summer

Mini golfWho says you can’t go to a ski resort in the summertime? Here at Brook Farm Inn in Lenox, MA, we are just nine minutes away from the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA. This 200-acre ski area on the summit of Yokun Ridge is a highlight of the Berkshires, from wintry fresh powder to summertime water slides and more. Though you have to retire your skis in the summertime, you don’t have to retire the fun. At the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA, you will find plenty of warm weather activities to enjoy after the snow melts. The ski area is transformed into a recreational park, including six water slides, an activity pool, zip-line, golf course, mini-golf, bungy-trampoline, and climbing wall! Here are some of the best ways to enjoy the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA, in the summer.

Summer Activities at the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA

Adventure Ropes Course

Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA, offers an adventure park and zip line. Climb, swing, and balance among the treetops! Visitors can choose from three different course difficulties, with over 40 elements. Beginners can start out with the low-to-the-ground courses, while experts might be hanging 30 feet in the air. Some of the featured elements in the adventure park include rope bridges, cargo nets, and ladders. Every course is guided, and a minimum height of four feet is a requirement for safety reasons. The zip line is another popular feature. Let your adrenaline rush during the 700-foot ride, soaring at 40 feet above the ground. Be sure to wear closed-toed shoes during your adventures at the adventure park of the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA.


The Bousquet water park is a great summer feature! Cool off with some pool water and have a blast doing it. The water park features three thrilling water slides, along with an activity pool with three smaller slides. Whether you’re searching for a leisurely day cooling off from the heart or want a splash of excitement, the water park is a great place to be. There is also a special deal on Mondays where you can have access to the waterslides, activity pool, and a round of mini golf for just $10!

Miniature Golf & Disc Golf

Disc golf is a favorite at the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA. The 18-hole disc golf course offers some fun and challenging opportunities. Stir up some competition among your vacation buddies with a round, all while enjoying the natural outdoor beauty. The course will take you to the western ski trails and halfway up the mountain. You will receive some of the best views in the Berkshires! Mini golf is always a great way to have fun. Enjoy the 18-hole course located next to the slides.

Stay at Brook Farm Inn

After having a fun time at the Bousquet Ski Area in Pittsfield, MA, come back to the relaxing Brook Farm Inn. Enjoy this luxurious retreat, get an on-site massage to soothe your aching muscles, and snack on some afternoon treats. Then, after a restful night’s sleep, wake up in the morning to a gourmet breakfast! We can’t wait to see you here in the Berkshires. For more to do and see in the area, download our free vacation guide.

The Berkshire Scenic Railway Has History You Need to See

trainThe Berkshire Scenic Railway is a popular attraction in Lenox, Massachusetts. During your stay at Brook Farm Inn, make a visit to the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum to go back in time. Indulge in some regional history as well as a scenic train ride using restored vintage railroad equipment. The all-volunteer, non-profit organization was founded back in 1984 to preserve the history of railroading in The Berkshire Mountains. With interactive exhibits and artifacts, it keeps that history alive. You can explore the museum, Lenox Station, Yokun Block Station, the New Haven Caboose Exhibit, Lee Station, and Stockbridge Station. Here are just a few things you should know about the Berkshire Scenic Railway before making a visit!

Hours & Details

Only open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm from May through October, the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum is a special treat. Catch it while it’s open and discover a door into the past. Your tour will start at the 1903 Lenox Station, which features exhibits about the history of railroading. You will learn about the railroad’s impact on the community and economy as well as many other historic facts. At the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum, you will get to tour the Lenox Station, and view an authentic railroad block station. Then, you’ll get to take a train ride! 

Ride the Berkshire Scenic Railway

Then, you will get a ride on the Berkshire Scenic Railway! You will receive a one-hour, narrated round trip aboard the vintage 1955 Budd Rail Diesel Car. After your ride there, you will be close to plenty of fun attractions in Lee, Massachusetts, such as the Norman Rockwell Museum. You can choose to stay or ride back to the station. If you stay, you can also choose to spend the rest of your day hiking in the October Mountain State Forest or come back to Lenox and head to the Tanglewood Music Center.

History of the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum

The museum first commenced operations in 1984, offering a tourist passenger service between Lee and Great Barrington. Tickets were sold from a card table on the platform. In 1989, however, the mainline tourist service was concluded. A short shuttle was created in its place. A restoration in 1996 made the historic Lenox Station retake its 1903 appearance. Then, in 2003, the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum resumed its mainline excursion operations. Tracks were rebuilt, passing sidings constructed, and improved grade crossing protection installed. Now, visitors can experience a true taste of railroading!

After the Berkshire Scenic Railway

After touring the Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum and learning about the local history of the railroad, come back to Brook Farm Inn. This mountain retreat will provide you the ultimate relaxation you’ve been craving. Enjoy a wonderful prepared breakfast each morning to start off the day right. Then, indulge in our massage studio and charming guest rooms. Settle down for a relaxing evening and good night of sleep before waking up for another day of adventure in The Berkshires. For more to do near Brook Farm Inn, download our free vacation guide!

What You Need to Know About Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Contemporary danceJacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is an international series of events hosted by the Jacob’s Pillow Dance School. The focus at Jacob’s Pillow Dance is on ballet, contemporary, improv, traditional, and musical theatre dance, and the festival this year will be led by some acclaimed artistic directors and choreographers and feature acts from around the world and stemming from a variety of cultures. Here is what you need to know about Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival before attending!

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival History

The Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival has a rich history, which all began when modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn bought the Jacob’s Pillow farm in 1931. Tasked with legitimizing dance as a respectable career for men, Shawn recruited eight men for a dance company and started offering tea lecture demonstrations in the barn studio as promotion. This expanded into a popular event, and people actually had to be turned away toward the end of the summer. Shawn and his troupe then began to tour, performing over 1,250 times in 750 different cities. In 1940, the company was disbanded and members joined the Armed Forces. However, the dream continued and eventually inspired what is now the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival!

Special Events

The season opening gala will introduce a new director, Pamela Tatge, as well as an evening of cocktails, auctions, performances, and an exhibition followed by dinner under the stars. Start off your romantic getaway at Brook Farm Inn with this fantastic event! Don’t worry; if it’s too last minute, there are plenty of other Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival special events and performances that will be taking place throughout the entire summer. You also will want to be there for the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival finale on August 27 with closing performances, snacks, and a dance party.

Ticketed Performances

Among over 200 free performances, talks, exhibits, classes, and tours, there are some ticketed events that are highly anticipated at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. While you are planning your stay at Brook Farm Inn, consider these dates if you are interested in any of the following events!


June 22-26: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

June 22-26: Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe

June 29-July 3: Che Malambo

June 29-July 3: Bereishit Dance Company

July 6-10: Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart

July 6-10: And Still You Must Swing

July 13-17: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

July 13-17: Hubbard Street 2 in Mariko’s Magical Mix- A Dance Adventure

July 20-24: BalletX

July 20-24: Zvidance

July 27-31: Some of a Thousand Words

July 27-31: Arias Company

August 3-7: Compagnie Herve Koubi

August 3-7: New York Theatre Ballet

August 10-14: Dorrance Dance

August 10-14: Monument by Adam H. Weinert

August 17-20: Flexn

August 17-21: Pam Tanowitz Quartet

August 21: The School at Jacob’s Pillow Presents A Jazz Happening

August 24-28: Pacific Northwest Ballet

August 24-28: Souleymane Badolo

Stay at Brook Farm Inn for Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

If you’re planning on attending one of the many events that will be happening over the summer, stay with us here at Brook Farm Inn! We offer charming accommodations, massage services, and delicious breakfast each morning during your vacation. We also offer an ideal location in the beautiful Berkshires. For more information on what to do in the surrounding area, download our free vacation guide!