beaver swimming  - Pleasant Valley Wildlife SanctuaryWhen it comes to spending time in the great outdoors, one of our favorite hiking spots is Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary offers more than 1,000 acres of wilderness with over 7 miles of trials – and it’s located here in Lenox, just minutes from our Berkshires B&B!

Lenox’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a branch of the Massachusetts Audubon Society. The sanctuary encompasses a wide range of habitat, on Lenox Mountain, including forests, meadows, and wetlands along the slopes of Lenox Mountain.

Wildlife at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Birders and wildlife photographers love Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. As the name implies, the preserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Several migratory species use it as a stopover during different times of the year. The sanctuary also serves as a breeding ground for ducks, geese, and several varieties of hawk.

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is also known for its beavers. The preserve’s many ponds and streams provide wonderful habitat for these industrious mammals. Dams, lodges, and other signs of their activities can be found throughout the property. Quiet patience near a beaver pond may even reward you with a sight of one of the shy creatures.

Hiking Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Hikers will enjoy exploring the sanctuary. The park’s seven miles of hiking trails consist of three major loops offering hikes ranging from easy to strenuous.

The All Persons Trail/Pike’s Pond Trail Loop is universally accessible and mostly flat with access to large print, Braille, audio, and other formats of trail info. The trail includes a deck overlooking a beaver pond that is excellent for watching these busy little guys at dusk.
The Yokun/Beaver Lodge Trails Loop is another easy trial that is great for birdwatching, beaver spying, and gorgeous views.
The Ledges/Overbrook Loop offers a real challenge with an 850 vertical ascent to the top of Lenox Mountain! The climb may tire you but the 2,126 foot elevation provides eye-popping vistas of Mount Greylock, the Taconic Range, and New York’s Catskill Mountains.

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

472 W Mountain Rd, Lenox, MA
Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary offers a variety of special programs and opportunities. Some of these include guided canoe trips and hikes, wildlife demonstrations, and gardening classes

The sanctuary is open daily, year ’round, with slightly varying seasonal hours. Trails within the preserve are open dawn to dusk all year. The non-member entrance fee is just $5. Perhaps best of all, Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is literally just a few minutes walk from the door of our Berkshires bed and breakfast, Brook Farm Inn!

Visit for Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary’s current hours, trail maps, event guides, and more!