Becket Quarry at Becket Land TrustBecket Quarry seems like a place frozen in time and the hike to it, through the forested acreage of the Becket Land Trust, can make for a wonderful day’s adventure.

Historic Chester-Hudson Quarry (Becket Quarry’s real name) was operational from the 1860’s to the 1960’s, providing granite for monuments across the country. When the quarry closed, the site was abandoned, along with a number of buildings, vehicles, and equipment.

As nature began to work its way back in, the area became a bit of a local playground and hiking paradise. In the 1990’s, when it looked as if the land was going to be developed for industry, local citizens came together to protect it.

Becket Land Trust is a 300+ acre forested parcel open to the public. The preserve contains a demonstration forest, miles of hiking and cross country ski trails, vernal pools, and lots of wildlife. The biggest draw, however, has to be the historic quarry and its remnants.

A self-guided tour takes you past rusting vehicles, sheds, and other abandoned artifacts of the granite industry. Numerous trail markers describe the machinery, buildings, and other remaining artifacts. A brochure available at the quarry entrance contains further information for those interested.

Becket Quarry is also a very popular party spot for teens and those who come to cliff dive. Cliff diving into the quarry is not recommended, however. The waters contain old rusting derricks, cables, and other hazards.

Becket Quarry at Becket Land Trust

12 Brooker Hill Rd, Becket, MA 01223
Becket Land Trust is open year round, dawn to dusk, and admission is free. Parking is $10 per car, per day. Learn more at:

Directions to Becket Quarry
Take Route 20 to Becket. At the intersection of Route 20, Route 8 North, and Bonny Rigg Hill Road, turn onto Bonny Rig Hill Road. At a 4-point intersection, turn left onto Quarry Road. Continue on Quarry Road, until you come to our signs and parking area on the right.

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