Berkshires hot air balloon rideThe Berkshires of Western Massachusetts are known for their natural beauty – but have you ever seen them from the air? You can on a Berkshires hot air balloon ride!

Have you ever watched a hot air balloon and wondered what it must be like to ride in one? If so, you’re not alone – nor do you have to keep wondering. Hot air balloon rides are just one more fun thing you can do, here in the Berkshires!

Imagine seeing the lush and beautiful landscape of the Berkshires rolling out below you as you float serenely above them. Many have seen the Berkshires from above in an airlplane – but that experience hardly rivals that of a balloon. Airplanes are noisy and claustrophobic in comparison to a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons are open to the air. They’re silent and stately in a way that motored aircraft can never be. When you take a Berkshires hot air balloon ride, it’s just a silent balloon above, and the whole wide world around you, in all directions, as far as the eye can see.

Every seat is a first class seat aboard a hot air balloon.

Your Berkshires hot air balloon adventure isn’t just floating through the air, however. First you have to get off the ground!

Hot air balloon rides typically begin near dawn. The balloon has to be unpacked, stretched out, and filled slowly with hot air. It’s hard to imagine how gigantic a hot air balloon really is until you see one on the ground.

Once the balloon is ready to go, it’s time to climb into the basket and off you go! As we’ve already made clear, hot air balloon rides offers some of the most breathtakingly beautiful vistas you’ll ever see. I guarantee that you’ll want to take some pictures, so make sure you camera or phone is packed and ready.

The end of a hot air balloon ride can be the most exciting part. It can sometimes be a bit bumpy but don’t worry! Your pilot is experienced and has done this many times. They’ll be sure to prepare you for the landing before hand for a safe and fun experience. They may even skim through some treetops before you land – just for the fun and excitement of it!

Berkshires Hot Air Balloon Rides

Worthington Ballooning ( is the local company we recommend.

If you’d like to take a hot air balloon ride in the Berkshires, just let us know when you’re booking your room at Brook Farm Inn. We are always happy to help make your Berkshires getaway the very best it can be!

Be sure to check out the video from Worthington Ballooning below:

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