The Hidden Waterfalls Of Berkshire County - Bash Bish Falls

Beautiful Bash Bish Falls

The arrival of spring is a cause for celebration. What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by getting outside? There are lots of pretty hikes to take in our area but why not make your outing spectacular? Take your hike to the next level by visiting a few of the hidden waterfalls of Berkshire County!

I’m not sure why we’re all so attracted to splashing cascades of water – but we sure are! People flock from all over to see a waterfall. Maybe it’s the soothing white noise generated by the falls or the feel of the cool spray on our skin. Falling water releases negative ions into the air that have a positive effect on our moods. Combine these factors with the hypnotic sight of a waterfall and maybe we’ve solved the why of waterfall popularity.

There are lots of waterfalls in the Massachusetts Berkshires. Many are some of the most beautiful falls you will ever see. It doesn’t hurt that they are couched in Berkshires scenery, either!

Instead of going over every last waterfall in the area, we decided to highlight some of our favorites. What we refer to as the hidden waterfalls of Berkshire County.

Falls on the Overbrook Trail
The Overbrook Trail Falls have no official name and, consequently, truly are somewhat hidden.

The falls are a series of cascades located on Massachusetts Audubon Society property along the Overbrook Trail. The premier attraction is a 15-foot curtain of water that flows over a mossy rock wall. The falls require a high volume of water to be attention-worthy, so you’ll want to ascertain that this is the case before heading out. April is usually the best month to visit.

Directions to Falls on the Overbrook Trail.

The Falls on the Overbrook Trail also have the distinction of being only ten minutes from our Berkshires B&B. The next two sets of falls are more of a drive – around 45 minutes – but well worth the trip!

Race Brook Falls
Race Brook Falls, a very pretty set of five very distinct and scenic waterfalls, are south of us near Sheffield, MA.  The first part you’ll see drops almost 100 feet to the hemlock surrounded pool below. The second set of falls are above this and are very photogenic.

Continuing your climb up the trail brings you to the third and fourth set of falls; a variety of cascades to enjoy. Beware the mud though, if here in spring! The fifth and final set of falls is secreted farther up the mountain and requires a bit of trail-busting.

Directions to Race Brook Falls.

Our next set of falls are only a short distance from Race Brook Falls.

Bash Bish Falls – 44 min
Bash Bish Falls are not exactly hidden – they may be our state’s most famous set of falls! The falls are known as ‘the state’s most dramatic waterfall,’ and see as many as three thousand people a day during the summer. In spring, however, this summertime tourist trap settles down into a very nice, quiet stop, indeed.

Bash Bish Falls are located in Mount Washington State Forest. Spring-fed waters splash over a series of dramatic gorges before being split by a massive boulder to tumble 80 feet down into Bash Bish Brook.

The trail to the falls is an easy one but another trail going up around the falls can be extremely treacherous. Deceptively strong currents in the pond at the base of Bash Bish Falls also makes swimming a bad idea. Stand back to safely enjoy this Berkshires gem.

Directions to Bash Bish Falls.

The Hidden Waterfalls Of Berkshire County

As we say above, there are LOTS of gorgeous waterfalls in the Massachusetts Berkshires. is a great site for locating and learning about them.

We will be more than happy to help you find your way to the best of them when you stay with us here at Brook Farm Inn in Lenox, MA. Our convenient location puts most of them within easy driving distance, along with the rest of what brings folks to the Berkshires. Book your stay at Brook Farm Inn today and let us help you get the most of your Berkshires getaway!