If you’re looking for a true mountain adventure in the Berkshires, then take a visit to Undermountain Farm. This year-round horseback riding center offers lessons and excursions, specializing in young adults and beginners for equestrian purposes. Whether you choose the indoor arena or the surrounding fields and woods, there is an expedition awaiting in the beautiful Berkshires via saddleback. During your stay at Brook Farm Inn, we hope you explore all your opportunities for adventure and make some lasting memories! You can see the out of doors from a whole new perspective on top of your chosen steed. And, don’t worry, you will have a guide to lead you along the trails and make sure you stay on your saddle. Here are just a few reasons why you should spend your day at Undermountain Farm!

Trail Riding with Undermountain Farm

Undermountain Farm boasts a variety of terrains and trails. The surrounding landscape is mountainous and lush, offering a great scenic escapade! One of the company instructors will guide visitors out on a trail. First time riders are gladly welcomed, and Undermountain Farm offers one-hour trails for beginners that will explore the property through the fields and woods. There are other options for more advanced riders, but the farm provides a horse and a saddle and all the necessary gear for your horseback riding outing. The cost is $60 per person for an hour, and the age limit is 12 and up.

Riding Lessons at Undermountain Farm

Though it may not be an ideal option for your vacation stay, Undermountain Farm also offers riding lessons. They offer a variety of packages, so if you are there for an extended stay, you can participate in weekly lessons. You can also schedule private half-hour and hour lessons, as well as lesson cards that are available throughout an entire year for 10 rounds. The best option for a vacation stay, however, might be a trail riding excursion. Though, a lesson beforehand might not hurt either!

Other Fun Outdoor Excursions

There are plenty of other fun outdoor activities to enjoy during your stay at Brook Farm Inn. Berkshire horseback adventures at Undermountain Farm is just one of many adventures that await! Other opportunities include a visit to the Bousquet Ski Area, trip to the Furnace Brook Winery, and journey through the Lenox Farmers Market! If you want some more exploration through the forests of the Berkshires, consider hiking through the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. You will enjoy some breathtaking views and might come across some interesting wildlife in the process! Overmeade Farm is another option specifically for horseback escapades.

Stay at Brook Farm Inn

After horseback riding at Undermountain Farm or trying out one of these other outdoor activities, settle in at Brook Farm. Here, we will provide a comfortable environment for you to relax. This includes our massage services, luxurious yet charming guest rooms, and a gourmet breakfast each morning. For more information on what to see and do in the Berkshires, download our free vacation guide!