Guided Outdoor Excursions – Hiking, Biking or Kayaking

Experience the beauty and peacefulness of nature and discover the hidden treasures of the Berkshires through a personally guided hike, bike tour, or kayaking excursion.

 Hikes include opportunities to witness spectacular views and beautiful trails. On a biking tour, you can enjoy the hilly back roads or a more relaxing ride on the rail trail.  If kayaking is your preference, you can paddle across a magnificent lake or meander down a quiet river.

Equipment is provided for you, and a minimum of two people is required to book an outdoor excursion, which is only for guests of Brook Farm Inn.  Please inquire when you phone to reserve your room.


 Hiking                                  2 hours    $ 50 per person

Appalachian Trail Hike             4 hours    $105 per person

Biking                                   2 hours    $ 55 per person

Kayaking                               2 hours    $ 65 per person










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