Fall Foliage Season Theater in the Berkshires

Shakespeare & Company's Satchmo at the Waldorf

“One must never set up a murder,” says Alfred Hitchcock, “They must happen unexpectedly, as in life.” Fair enough. But Shakespeare & Co have been setting up a truly fabulous first entry into the Fall and Winter Season. Whether or not you are familiar with The 39 Steps, the unexpected twists and turns of our take on this classic whodunit will have you, by turns, on the edge of your seat and laughing out loud.

September 22–November 4
Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre

An ingenious thriller, the ultimate murder mystery (not to mention one of the funniest plays we’ve ever read), The 39 Steps has it all!

On a perfectly lovely evening in 1935, Richard Hannay (a perfectly normal Englishman) goes out for a perfectly innocent night at the theatre. During the performance, he meets a mysterious woman with a frantic tale of an impending assassination and top secret plots against the government. Hannay is suddenly drawn into an epic, romantic espionage thriller, during which he’s chased by Nazis, framed for murder, and pursed by the police. In true noir fashion, he finds love (a few times) and loses love (a few times), all while trying desperately to save the world.
At Brook Farm Inn, our Lenox B&B is a big supporter of this great theater ensemble, and we can’t wait to see the performance.  It’s walking distance from our inn! 

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