“How Does Bach Do It?” A Special Concert in the Berkshires

Love ringJohann Sebastian Bach
On Saturday, April 28, guests of Brook Farm Inn in Lenox, MA can attend a special musical event.  Jeremy Yudkin, BU Professor, will talk about two of Bach’s most wonderful works — The Orchestral Suite No. 3 and the “Wedding” Cantata — and what makes them such superb examples of Bach’s styles.  In this special interactive lecture, you’ll hear them analyzed in detail, with live examples, and then they’ll be performed  uninterrupted, in all their glory.  Jeremy will also talk about Bach’s life and his amazing genius.
The musicians performing this special concert are the Baroque specialists Cambridge Concentus and soprano Clara Rottsolk, and the whole event is presented by the Berkshire Bach Society.  
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 8pm
“How Does Bach Do It?” ~ The “Wedding” Cantata and Orchestral Suite #3
Allen Theatre at Berkshire School
245 N Undermountain Road, Sheffield, MA
  Tickets: $25 

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