You Can Be a Curator at the Clark

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, a Berkshires treasure, is undergoing construction and renovation.  It’s open continuously, and is using this time as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas about curating the collection.  The public is invited to participate through a program called uCurate.  Visitors are invited to use computer terminals to design a virtual arrangement in 3-D, and a room will be installed later on based on their proposals.
uCurate is an immersive 3D experience that gives visitors a firsthand experience of the curatorial process. Users select a group of objects from an art browser that catch their eye, drag them into the gallery, design a captivating installation, and share it online. The museum will pick the most intriguing virtual exhibitions from all the submissions and install them at the Clark.  It’s a fun and interactive experience that encourages visitors to explore art in a new way. You can even share your unique exhibitions via Facebook. 

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