Corey Flintoff and Family Visit Brook Farm Inn

In the eleven years we have owned Brook Farm Inn bed and breakfast in Lenox MA, many interesting and famous people have stayed here. We have hosted authors, illustrators, journalists, actors, musicians, singers, producers and political figures.  Many of these people are prominent in their respective fields and have received recognition (i.e. Pulitzer Prize, Academy Award) for their achievements.  When we have well known guests we respect their privacy and treat them as we would anyone who stays here.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Corey Flintoff from NPR, his charming wife Diana and lovely daughter Claire.  He was speaking at our local community college about his recent travels to Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.  With their permission we are posting the above picture.  We have been fans of Corey’s work for many years and we hope he and his family make a return visit to our inn.

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