B&B’s Are the Better Way to Stay

The Professional Association of Innkeepers is reminding us that  B&Bs are simply a better way to stay for travelers seeking more for their travel dollars.  Take a peek at the top ten reasons bed and breakfasts and country inns make a better way to stay.

Reason 10:  Put your nickels and dimes away.  Heck, put the $5 bill for the bottle of water back in your wallet! No mini bars here!  Research reveals that most B&Bs offer complimentary afternoon refreshments like our tea & scones,  and Brook Farm Inn also offers a stocked  beverage pantry 24-7.

Reason 9:  Stay plugged in. Complimentary wi-fi & calls.  Say goodbye to that $20 daily fee for wi-fi access.  Like most  B&Bs and country inns, we offer complimentary wi-fi and free local phone calls.  When’s the last time you saw a pay phone anyway?  They’re a dying breed.

Reason 8:  Great rates!  According to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII – (pronounced PIE) don’t you just love that a B&B organization is named after a yummy treat?) the average daily rate for B&Bs, when compared  to city hotels of like levels,  came in lower, and that doesn’t take into consideration all the extras.

Reason 7:  When’s the last time you met the owner of the hotel?  And when is the last time he or she carried your bag to your room?   Inngoers rave about the fabulous hospitality and friendship that innkeepers offer.  In fact, for many B&B travelers, the innkeeper was what made the stay special. 

Reason 6:  Free parking

Reason 5: Flat screens, fireplaces & whirlpool tubs: Usually reserved for the Presidential Suite in a hotel, B&Bs offer amenities including flat screen TVs, in-room fireplaces,  and deep Jacuzzi tubs.

Reason 4: Bed is half their name:  Our rooms have crisp new sheets and lots of fluffy pillows, and each is decorated uniquely.

Reason 3:  Breakfast is the other half of their name:  Go to the breakfast buffet at a resort hotel, and you’re looking at upwards of $50 for 2 people. Bed and breakfasts all offer breakfast – it’s their signature selling point and half their name.  Our sumptuous breakfast buffet will fuel you for the entire day, and we enjoy preparing special dishes that are ours alone.

Reason 2:  They really will leave the light on! You will always find a personalized welcome, no matter what time you arrive, from innkeepers who genuinely care about your safe trip and will call you by name.

Reason 1:  Cookies, yes!  Cookie cutter?  No.   No two B&Bs are alike. As independently owned small lodging properties, each one offers something new and different.  No big box look to B&Bs ranging from urban chic to historically preserved mansions and homes.

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