Holiday Celebration at our Berkshires Bed & Breakfast

Among the lovely guests who stayed at Brook Farm Inn for Christmas, was a wonderful family group. It was great fun to host these family members ,who played the piano and sang during our tea time — mulled cider actually, instead of tea for a change —  and gave us permission to share this song which they wrote just for their stay with us. It’s sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.”  Watch this blog for a video in the next day or two — you’ll see Linda among the guests, wearing an antler headband !


Christmas time, we’re elated, ‘Tho our pockets, they’re deflated,

We’re here at the Inn, to meet with the kin, Staying at the Ol’ Brook Farm Inn.

We have meals – there’s no cookin.’ Fancy rooms – there’s no cleanin.’

We’re here to relax, away from the fax. Stayin’ at the Ol’ Brook Farm Inn.

In the mornin’ we can choose to sleep in — or go out to take a walk or two.

May even hook up with some old friends, And  then ski down a mountain with a view.

No one cares if you’re lazy. Leave behind work that’s crazy.

We’re happy you see, to be here – and free (at last!).

Stayin at the Ol’d Brook Farm Inn!

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