Can Poetry Save the Earth?

lectern Can Poetry Save the Earth?
On Sunday October 18th at 4:00 pm the second program in the Lenox Library’s Distinguished Lecture Series will focus on the question: Can Poetry Save the Earth? Professor John Felstiner author of Can Poetry Save the Earth?: A Field Guide to Nature Poems will argue that as we hover on the environmental point of no return, poetry may have the singular capacity to return our attention to our environment before it is too late.

In his book, Felstiner takes a historical look at how poetry has influenced our admiration and care for the natural world. He presents those poets who have most strongly spoken to and for the natural world ranging from Blake and Whitman to Valcott and Gary Snyder. In the preface of his book, Felstiner explains why we still need poetry today:

“Can poems help, when times demand environmental Can Poetry Save the Earth? book coverscience and history, governmental leadership, corporate and consumer moderation, nonprofit activism, local initiatives?  Why call on the pleasures of poetry, when the time has come for an all out response?  … Because we are what the beauty and force of the poems reach toward, we’ve a chance to recognize and lighten our footprint in a world where all of nature matters vitally (xiii).”

After his lecture and readings from his book, Professor Felstiner will be available to sign copies of Can Poetry Save the Earth?: A Field Guide to Nature Poems which will be for sale at this event courtesy of The Bookstore in Lenox.

Remember, this program is FREE and open to everyone.

The Lenox Library is only a block from Brook Farm Inn.

Contact us for more information.

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