April is National Poetry Month

At Brook Farm Inn, Lenox Massachusetts, we’re pleased to say “There is poetry here.” It’s not just a phrase, because we share our library of poetry books with our guests, and have readings sometimes — there’s one coming up on May 16th.  Since April is National Poetry Month, here’s a poem about the Inn:

Feeling At Home in the Library at Brook Farm Inn

I think I could happily live in this one room,

high-ceilinged enough to let my thoughts soar.

This space has the most important things–

walls full of books to explore, comfortable seats,

a solid old piano of some dark wood whose keys

invite fingers to roam, warm board flooring

and homey rugs.  A frieze of books

marches around the ceiling, setting the theme.

There is a serenity here you can feel,

and warmth…Ah, yes, I can tell

I could be content to live in a room like this.

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