What Happened to News In Review?

The company that for many years produced the “News In Review” in the Berkshires is opening “Parenting 101, the Musical” Friday at the Kimmel Center’s Innovation Theater in Philadelphia and runs through Sept. 14.  Sketches and musical paradies are performed by a cast of four actors.  Nancy Holson and Jay Falzone, who wrote “The News In Review” also collaborated on this project and have been touring the country with Patenting 101 for three years.

The “News in Review” did not perform this year in the Berkshires.  They are missed in an election year.  The Capitol Steps has been performing at the Cranwell.  They are talented and funny, however, their material is not as timely as the Holson/Falzone written sketches.   Brook Farm Inn guests enjoyed Capitol Steps last nite but commented that not a word was said about John Edwards.  That would never have happened with “News In Review”.


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